Boxing Training Downloads



Click on any of the items below to download a useful poster/resource to develop your skills. Some are large documents so may take a minute or so to download.

Technical Skills Downloads

Non punching hand PAPs

Range PAPs (1)

Slipping punches PAPs (1)

Straight shots PAP’s

Wrist Pronation PAPs

Hip, foot & shoulder Rotation PAPs (1)

Guard PAPs (2)

Footwork PAPs (1)

Feinting PAPs (3)

Combinations & punch repertoire PAPs (3)


Tactical Skills Downloads

Switch of attack PAPs (1)

Ring Craft PAPs (1)

Phases of attack PAPs (1)

Leading off PAPs (2)

Hand defences PAPs (1)

Foot defences PAPs

Counter puching PAPs (1)

Change tempo PAPs

Change of direction PAPs (1)

Body Punches PAPs (2)


Physical Skills Downloads

Agility PAPs

Anaerobic endurance PAP’s (1)

Balance PAP’s (1)

Hand speed PAPs (2)

Power PAPs (2)

Stamina PAPs

Strength PAPs

Timing & Reflexes PAPs (1)

Weight control PAPs (3)


Circuit Ideas Downloads

Arms, legs, core circuit twisting squats

Arms, legs, core circuit swiss ball leg raises

Arms, legs, core circuit prop pads squats

Arms, legs, core circuit core ball press ups

Arms, legs, core circuit axe strikes

Arms, legs, core circuit

Arms, legs, core med ball throws

Arms, legs, core med tornado ball


Mental Skills Downloads

Confidence PAPs (2)

Desire PAPs (2)

Discipline & Dedication PAPs (2)

Handling Failure PAPs (3)

Motivation PAPs (1)

PPR PAPs (2)


Nutrition Downloads

AASE Daily Diet

Handout on Nutrition for Boxing





Training Diaries/Aids

Handbook – Comp Squad


Warm Ups

RAMP warm ups


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