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Our Boxers

On this page we ask some of our boxers why they come boxing and what they get from the sessions. After all, it is the boxers that make the sessions and if you are thinking of joining us they are the best people to ask….

Name: Adrianne Phebey (Club Captain)
Weight: 63kg
Number of bouts: 26

Why do you box?
I initially started just to keep fit and burn off the University Beers, but then it all escalated when I got the buzz. There’s no sport quite like boxing – nothing gives you same thrill and requires the same kind of grit. I love to challenge myself (physically and mentally) and boxing gives me the opportunity to do that everyday.

Favourite Boxer: LOMACHENKO. His angles amaze me and watching some of his amateur bouts have left my jaw on the floor. Yet, despite all his success, he remains so grounded and I love that.

Why you chose EBC: EBC opened the year I graduated from Uni. Adam was my coach from the beginning, so it made sense to follow him to his new venture. I had been to lots of different clubs around the South of England during uni placements, but the coaching and the atmosphere never compared to EBC/UOB and I always found myself back there at the first opportunity.

Advice to young people starting boxing: Trust the process; don’t rush the journey from day 1 to the ring – it’s so valuable! And don’t cheat yourself either. If someone asks you to do 25 burpees, do all 25. If you only do 24 each time, you’ll never improve.

Name: Dan Pert

Weight: 69kg

Number of bouts: 6

Why you box?: Training is hard, fun and pushes you to be better. Competition is exciting and always a good event.

Favourite boxer?: Joe Calzaghe; he has an amazing record, uses good footwork and combinations.

Why you choose EBC?: EBC is full of friendly faces and is the perfect place to learn good techniques to get you fit and ready for competition.

Advice to young people looking to start boxing: Learn the basics well and stick with it even when it’s hard work!


Name: Fayed Miah

Weight: 61kg

Number of bouts: 3 Bouts

Why do you box? I box because it keeps me fit and gives me a chance to achieve something great in my life.

Favourite Boxer? My favourite boxer of all the time has to be Muhammed Ali because he was so great at what he loved. He won all his fights apart from 5 but then won the rematches apart from 1 which makes him so great.

Why you chose EBC? It was never my intention to start boxing until one of my friends told me to come to a session with him so I did, the session went really well. After that session I wanted to continuing boxing to get fit and maintain my fitness but then after a couple months the club got me to a stage of boxing which I’d never thought I’d get to. I wanted to start fighting for the club and now I’m fulfilling what I wanted to do and without the club I wouldn’t have got where I am today.

Advise to young boxers? If you want to start getting fit or competing EBC will make sure you get that. The coaches look after you and they respect you just like you respect them. Everything they teach is disciplined which is key.

Name: Mubanga Chisanga

Weight: 64kg

Number of bouts: 20 bouts

Why do you box? I box because i love the sport. There’s always something new to work on- always fighters to steal maneuvers from, be it defence, offence, and controlling your opponents to create new openings.

Favourite Boxer? Floyd Mayweather – intelligent, fast hands and never waste energy.

Why you chose EBC?  I chose EBC because they taught me that there is a method to this madness. I speak for many others when i say I’ve learnt the art of boxing, nutrition and general exercise science at Eastbourne Boxing Club. There’s a great blend in personalities with the coaches. All honest, fair and strict when need be. The club is blessed with talent and friendly faces

Advise to young boxers? Make a record of your training. Stay ready. Stay loyal and listen to what people have to say.

Name: Reece Hinton.

Weight: I am 51kg but I’d like to fight at 49kg.

Bouts? 1 bout.

Why did you start boxing? I started boxing because I was bored of karate and judo as we never actually fought/sparred.

Who is your favourite boxer? Anthony Joshua because he’s great to watch and seems like a nice person too.

Why did you choose EBC? Because we were going to try a few clubs but we went to EBC first and really liked it.

Advice I’d give to young boxers: Boxing is great fun, good for discipline and fitness too.

Name: Lucy Kisielewska

Weight: 64kg

Number of bouts: 13 bouts

Why do you box? I box because its tough both physically and mentally, its challenging but fun.

Favourite Boxer? Lomachenko – Hes good to watch.

Why you chose EBC?  I moved to the area and after looking at many possible gyms, I chose EBC because they teach as well as coach. Everyone is friendly and hard working.

Advise to young boxers? Enjoy every second of being in the ring, stick at it, listen and work hard.


Name: Brett Pocock

Weight: 64kg

Number of bouts: 3

Why you box?: It’s cool to see how hard you can push yourself and seeing what you’re made of.

Favourite boxer?: Triple G for being such a tank and his ability to keep pushing forward.

Why you choose EBC?: Everyone’s work ethic pushing each other on harder every session, everyone’s there for the same reason to work on goals and help each other achieve them.

Advice to young people looking to start boxing: Have fun and keep up a good work rate to get better!

Name:  Camille Obligis

Weight: 58kg (aiming to go down)

Number of bouts: 2 bout

Why do you box? I box because I love the fitness, the art of boxing and the mental toughness required.

Who is your Favourite boxer?  Sarah Ourahmoune is a French lightweight boxer. She represents what boxing is about; she is an inspiring female boxer that trained really hard after her pregnancy to compete in the Olympic Games -and she won a silver medal! She also supports the cause for more women in boxing thorough her work.

Why did you choose EBC? I first went to EBC women because they were proposing a female only course. I loved it so much that I decided that I wanted to compete so I went to the seniors session too. The coaches have a clever approach to boxing, they also make you work hard equally, regardless of your age, experience, weight and gender!

Advice I’d give to a young person starting the sport: Do it because you find it fun, work hard because you challenge yourself, be a teammate because you will grow. PS: also, read the blog hitlikegirls.wordpress.com

Name:  Frankie Smith

Weight 50kg

Number of bouts: 1 skills bout

Why do you box?   I used to do Jujitsu and Judo and found I wasn’t enjoying it and the pace was to slow I needed a outlet to channel times in where I was angry. So I chose boxing as a new challenge.

Who is your Favourite boxer?  Muhammed Ali inspires me to be the best

Why did you choose EBC? Initially I heard about Eastbourne Boxing Club from my mates and told me it was a good boxing club

Advice I’d give to a young person starting the sport: I’m young myself but I would say to anyone if they want laughs and challenges to feel proud of themselves by getting fit and trying something new. You have control and discipline being taught by wonderful coaches I’m so glad I went to Eastbourne Boxing Club and can’t thank Paul and all the coaches for all they have done.


EBC Times and PricesName:  Dan Legg

Weight 61kg

Number of bouts: 1 bout, 4 Skills Bouts

Why do you box?  Because I love the fitness and competing.

Who is your Favourite boxer? Callum Smith because of its mental uppercuts and he’s good to watch.

Why did you choose EBC? The club have amazing coaches there who are both experienced and know what they’re doing.

Advice I’d give to a young person starting the sport: If you want to spar and compete you should start boxing or if you just want to get fit and have a laugh.