Other Member Activities

There are plenty of other activities that members can get involved in. 

Running – There are regular running sessions that range from sprinting to endurance running. We don’t race each other and encourage people to run at their own pace and work to improve their own performance.

Box-Fit – 

A new Boxfit fitness session is now on Wednesdays at 19.30 – 20.45.

Non contact boxing related fitness.

EBC Coach Paul Senior will run the Boxfit sessions.

No questions that these sessions WILL BE TOUGH!

DIY session on Friday encourages members to test what they have learnt through practice. The sessions on Friday give you the opportunity to practice on the bags or work on your shadow boxing or use some of the clubs equipment to aid your training….in fact anything boxing related.

The club likes to foster an friendly atmosphere during it’s sessions and encourages to get to know each other and use those friendships to develop the boxers skills further away from the club. Each year to celebrate the end of the boxing season the club holds an annual barbecue that all the members are invited to.  As well as trying to set fire to the sailing club with the barbecue (lol) our chief trainer Adam awards prizes to boxers who have proved themselves through the boxing season. These awards are not necessarily for those who have won fights but also for effort within the club.

There is also an annual tradition of the trainers allowing the members to get their own back for the “pain and suffering” they have been put through for the last 10 months. See the video below to give you an idea what the torture is. 🙂