18th March 2017 – Show Report

Our show on Sat 18th March 2017 at Skateworld, the best yet?!? That’s what we’re hearing. Some amazing bouts, truly outstanding.

The clash between Brighton and Hove’s Tom Welch and Westside’s Taran Willet was worth the admission alone!

EBC would like to thank all of the team, coaches, supporters, officials and Skateworld.

Dan Legg boxed well in his skills bout against a tall aggressive Southpaw from Winchester showing poise and an accurate rear hand. Great improvement from his last skills bout.

Callum Lucas lost a unanimous decision in his rematch against his Westree opponent, Callum winning the first. In a close affair, Cal worked well to head and body but was caught with straights through and over the guard. A learning curve for the young EBC boxer.

Callum Brown was edged out on a split decision against his tall Rusthalls opponent. Cal was the aggressor scoring well with his backhand. His taller opponent scoring with the jab in reply. This could have gone either way but was given to the visitor.

Club captain, Adrianne Phebey was up against it vs the ex-England International Nina Hughes of Chadwell St Mary’s. Pheebs used her feet well to walk her opponent onto shots in a nip and tuck affair. Hughes was able to control the range well scoring with the overhand right. The Essex based boxer taking a split decision in a highly skillful encounter.

Chris Matthews put on a rampant display of front foot boxing behind a tight guard to walk his Odyssey opponent down. Forcing 2 counts in the 3rd, the Referee stopped the contest. An excellent display of how technical abilities feed in to the tactics.

Dan Pert looked for revenge against his Hastings Westhill opponent in a match he lost before Christmas on the Bexhill show. Asserting himself from the start, Perty was able to double his jab up and find hurtful back hands to the target repeatdley. Forcing a count early on, ‘The Hurt’ continued to put the pressure on. His opponent was pulled by his coach between the first and second round giving Dan a stoppage victory.

Mubanga Chisanga was up against a tall and sharp opponent from Westside. His Middlesex opponent flew out the blocks snapping out a fast jab, taking the first. Banga edged in, throwing some hurtful body assaults and switched his attack upstairs afterwards. The Westside man rallied, scoring well, but the more impactful, decisive work coming from Banga. In a great performance from both men it was awarded bout of the night deservedly by our stout and stable Sponsor, Matty Budd! Banga taking a unanimous decision.

Well done to all boxers and our great team. We all grafted hard not only at the show and in the ring, but in the months of preparation that goes before. Thank you all!

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