Senior Sessions

Learning, Fun, Graft!

Senior sessions are held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and is open for Men and Women aged 16 years and over. The sessions start with warm up exercises whether they are individual or in a group.

That is followed by teaching of boxing techniques either sparring in a ring or working in pairs or as a group. Individual learning sessions are also encouraged to develop the skills.

To finish off the session there will be exercises to strengthen the many energy systems in which Boxing demands.

Whilst boxing looks easy you have to be fit, willing to learn and be respectful of others in the session. You will be rewarded with increased fitness and self confidence with the dedication you need to give.

Skilled individuals will be trained and coached to take part in boxing matches both in the town and all over the country under the National Governing Body’s rule – England Boxing. The age limit for this is 40 however older individuals can still take part in the training sessions and get involved in other aspects of the clubs life. We are unable to train individuals for White Collar Boxing. The reasons are explained here.

Self development is encouraged both inside and outside the gym with running sessions at various times through the week and DIY (self practice) session on a Friday evening.

You can read what our boxers get from the sessions here and see how they get on with their matches here.

Here is a little video to give you an idea on the intensity of the training.