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Past Shows

26th May 2018

Eastbourne Boxing Club put on another quality show on Saturday 26th May 2018 at Skate World.

The night saw a total of 14 bouts of which 11 of those involved EBC boxers. Two of those were skills bouts which have no result and from the other bouts the club managed five wins.

Becky McMullin overcame a more experienced opponent to win by a unanimous decision at elite level. Lucy Kisielewska also won via a unanimous decision against a fighter who travelled to the event from Nottingham. Lucy won thanks to a good display of counter punching.

Unfortunately Camille Obligis lost by a split decision, which could have gone either way, against a fighter from St Ives Bay in Cornwall but performed well against an unbeaten fighter.

Omid Raouf won by a unanimous decision thanks to outboxing his opponent with a controlled, aggressive performance and using the rear hand well.

“The show went brilliantly” said Head Coach Adam Haniver. “The bouts were well-matched. There were no stoppages and everyone had a good experience, win or lose”.

The next club show should be around November when the new season starts.

Smith (Eastbourne) v Noorzoe (Croydon) skills
Warren (Eastbourne) v Terry (Folkestone) Wpts
Obligis (Eastbourne) v Hutcheon (St Ives Bay) Wpts
Hinton (Eastbourne) Wpts v Roberts (Campol)
Kisielewska (Eastbourne) Wpts v Lelliot (Benny’s – Notts)
Hipperson (Eastbourne) v Roberts (Campol) skills
Salmon (Eastbourne) v Doherty (Chadwell St Mary) Wpts
Cowley (Fishersgate) v Noka (Croydon) Wpts
Wawman (St Gerards) v Ratzer (Gosport) Wpts
McMullin (Eastbourne) Wpts v Richards (Miguel’s)
Gardiner (Fight knights) Wpts v Harris (Feltham Police)
Chisanga (Eastbourne) v Buchanan (Bexhill) Wpts
Raouf (Eastbourne) Wpts v Cole (Creekside)
Birkeland (Eastbourne) Wpts v Dobov (Whitehawk)

17th December 2017

A packed Skateworld marvelled at the boxing talent on display courtesy of the Eastbourne Boxing Club. What a great team effort. The feedback from the visiting clubs and the spectators was extremely positive. One of the busiest shows we’ve ever done. Some learning bouts all round, win or lose. Though I’m reluctant to single anyone out, Fayed Miah was exceptional in his skills bout using his feet well and picking his shots.

A doth of the cap to our club sponsors Matthew Budd carpentry and Building Services and Prestige Stairlifts as well as Deidre Glasgow The Harbour Cake Artist for kindly sponsoring the trophies – they looked great. The coaching team bang on it again helping develop our young boxers on a great stage. Cheers to all the visiting clubs and the officials who made it possible. All the club members and supporters who helped set up and De-rig afterward. It was a really slick operation.

16th December 2017

Miah (Eastbourne) v Nawaz (Surbiton) (skills bout)
Hampton (Southampton) wpts v Smith (Westhill)
Legg (Eastbourne) lpts v Dossett (Brighton City)
Walker (Canvey) wpts rsc v Ross-Horton (Fishersgate)
Knight (Eastbourne) lpts v Khan (Bexhill)
Ruston wpts v Beaver (Ockley)
Kamara (Brighton city) wpts v Millis (Moulescoomb)
Blackhall (Chalvedon) wpts v Martinez (Ockley)
Martin (Canvey) lpts vs Abdou (Gym01)
Phebey (Eastbourne) lpts vs Blackman-Price (H.O.P)
Goodridge (Basingstoke) wpts v Zahmatkesh Bognor
Andriunvicius (Ockley) wpts v Colewell-Lavene (Fishersgate)
Pocock (Eastbourne) wpts v Molina Basingstoke
Overy (Eastbourne) lpts v Ferguson (Phoenix)

6th May 2017

Eastbourne’s Daniel Legg started the action in his skills bout against Ryan May of Shaun Brown Boxing Academy Worthing. ‘Legg’ was aggressive from the start pushing his opponent on to his back foot using crisp straight shots. As the bout developed, the Eastbourne Featherweight was able to mix in body shots to slow his opponent. There are no decisions in ‘skills bouts’, but Leggy was dominant throughout with a great display of poised and accurate boxing.

Lightweight Callum Lucas was next up in the red corner for Eastbourne, pitting his wits against a tall, rangey southpaw in Ben Abbot of Winchester. In a real to and fro affair, both boxers were scoring, with Callum taking the first. As the bout progressed, the Hampshire based boxer was able to get on his toes and score with his straight shots and higher workrate. The power coming from Callum, but the volume from Abbot. The decision going to the blue corner.

The exciting Light-welterweight Mubanga ‘Banga’ Chisanga matched up against unbeaten Omar Barry of Gym01, Portsmouth. Both boxers landing impactful shots and displaying grit and skill. In a bout that ebbed and flowed, the visiting boxer managed to pull away in the later rounds, working well behind his jab.

Club Captain and crowd favourite, Adrianne ‘Phebes’ Phebey looked to taste revenger against Anelle Massey from Rumbles Boxing Academy Sittingbourne in their 3rd encounter. The latter being the victor in their first two match ups. On the back foot, Massey was able to use the ring well to score with the jab and move out of range in the first round of their elite standard bout. Phebes needed to close the gap and take it to her opponent to deny her space. On the front foot now, Phebes pushed in to range to take negate her jab more and more to show a classy mixture of combination pressure boxing. Massey began to tire, Phebes looked the fitter. Come the close of the 2nd round, honours were even. ‘I had to work, I could see her tiring. I knew I had to keep this at short to mid range and push her back’. Phebes took the 3rd round but it was by no means settled by the final decision. In a split decision, the Eastbourne Captain’s hand was raised.

Club Coach Adam Haniver said, ‘I’m delighted for Adrianne, she has lost to Anelle twice before. For many boxers that would play on their mind, but for Adrianne, it added to her motivation. She boxed to the plan and it all went perfectly despite a classy opponent in front of her. She is the definition of perseverance and an example of leadership to all at the club. That’s why she is the captain! It was also announced as bout of the night.’

Welterweight Dan Pert lost a points decision to Odyssey’s Akash Dhesi. The Surrey man was able to use excellent trunk movement to make Perty miss. Despite a late barrage from Perty giving his man a standing count with several scoring blows, it was not enough. A very skilful bout with two excellent lads with great futures.

18th March 2017

Our show on Sat 18th March 2017 at Skateworld, the best yet?!? That’s what we’re hearing. Some amazing bouts, truly outstanding.

The clash between Brighton and Hove’s Tom Welch and Westside’s Taran Willet was worth the admission alone!

EBC would like to thank all of the team, coaches, supporters, officials and Skateworld.

Dan Legg boxed well in his skills bout against a tall aggressive Southpaw from Winchester showing poise and an accurate rear hand. Great improvement from his last skills bout.

Callum Lucas lost a unanimous decision in his rematch against his Westree opponent, Callum winning the first. In a close affair, Cal worked well to head and body but was caught with straights through and over the guard. A learning curve for the young EBC boxer.

Callum Brown was edged out on a split decision against his tall Rusthalls opponent. Cal was the aggressor scoring well with his backhand. His taller opponent scoring with the jab in reply. This could have gone either way but was given to the visitor.

Club captain, Adrianne Phebey was up against it vs the ex-England International Nina Hughes of Chadwell St Mary’s. Pheebs used her feet well to walk her opponent onto shots in a nip and tuck affair. Hughes was able to control the range well scoring with the overhand right. The Essex based boxer taking a split decision in a highly skillful encounter.

Chris Matthews put on a rampant display of front foot boxing behind a tight guard to walk his Odyssey opponent down. Forcing 2 counts in the 3rd, the Referee stopped the contest. An excellent display of how technical abilities feed in to the tactics.

Dan Pert looked for revenge against his Hastings Westhill opponent in a match he lost before Christmas on the Bexhill show. Asserting himself from the start, Perty was able to double his jab up and find hurtful back hands to the target repeatdley. Forcing a count early on, ‘The Hurt’ continued to put the pressure on. His opponent was pulled by his coach between the first and second round giving Dan a stoppage victory.

Mubanga Chisanga was up against a tall and sharp opponent from Westside. His Middlesex opponent flew out the blocks snapping out a fast jab, taking the first. Banga edged in, throwing some hurtful body assaults and switched his attack upstairs afterwards. The Westside man rallied, scoring well, but the more impactful, decisive work coming from Banga. In a great performance from both men it was awarded bout of the night deservedly by our stout and stable Sponsor, Matty Budd! Banga taking a unanimous decision.

Well done to all boxers and our great team. We all grafted hard not only at the show and in the ring, but in the months of preparation that goes before. Thank you all!

15th October 2016

Eastbourne Boxing Club hosted 13 top flight amateur boxing bouts. First up was young Vinny Fudger (35kg) against Michael Smith of Woking. Both boxers showed tremendous skills, using their fundamentals well and putting on a real show for the crowd. A skills bout – so there was no decision. ‘Vinny was excellent, He listened and applied showing temperament and skill both at the same time.’

Next up, another skills bout with Willingdon School’s Callum Lucas. Competing against the tall A. Mir from Stonebridge London, Callum picked some excellent shots, displaying poise and control.

New recruit Rhys O’Grady boxed a well schooled Ben Baker from Golden Ring Southampton in their 46kg match up. With the bout ebbing and flowing, both boxers scored some excellent shots. With the slightly higher work rate and tidier defence, the Golden Ring boxer took the decision.

In the bout of the evening, one which people will be talking about for a while, Ratton School’s Callum Brown boxed the more experienced and rugged Alfie James from neighbouring Bexhill. Both boxers wearing their hearts on their sleeves, shots were landing from close and long range. Come the end of the bout it was tight, very tight. The decision going to James. An amazing bout with both boxers embracing as friends as always at the end and receiving their bout of the night trophies.

Club Captain Adrianne Phebey was next on the bill for Eastbourne Boxing Club pitted against the tough Katie Baker of Brighton City. Adrianne was accurate and busy using her feints, a high tempo and excellent shot selection. The bobbing and weaving Baker making Adrianne miss and occasionally pay with strong hooks, but come the close of bout Adrianne was far more busy and accurate, taking the unanimous point decision.

In an U69kgs bout, Mubanga Chisanga was unable to apply the tactics against the tough and durable Ilias Liokaftos of Guildford in their welterweight match up. Consistently coming forward, the Guildford man was able to pressure Mubanga and progress on to the points victory.

Dr Christopher Matthews of university of Brighton, competing in his first bout for Eastbourne Boxing Club boxed against the aggressive Ben Dwyer of Brighton and Hove. From the first bell, Dwyer jumped on Chris pressuring him backwards against the ropes. Come the middle of the second round, the bout was stopped in favour of the Brighton and Hove boxer. A tough learning curve, but one he will learn from.

In the final bout of the evening, the vacant super-heavyweight southern counties belt was up for grabs contested between Eastbourne’s Paul Orji and Guildford’s Odamuede Omoregie.

Weighing 227kg between them both boxers engaged in a untidy affair. Come the close of the first, the visiting boxer was up on points. With a change of tactics needed, Paul was able to push his feet in closer against the 6ft 9 inch Omoregie. With a devastating overhand right, Paul caught his man on the temple forcing the KO. The Guildford man not making the count but was applauded for his bravery once he rose to his feet. Paul was soon after crowned the Southern Counties Super-heavyweight champion.

Another amazing evening’s boxing with fantastic support. The next show at the fantastic Skateworld is Saturday 17th December. Watch this space!

Eastbourne’s Callum Brown lands a great uppercut in his amazing bout vs the excellent Alfie James of Bexhill.

9th April 2016

Results from Eastbourne show 9/4/16:
G. Wood East Brighton v M.Cole Horsham skills
P.Cusack East Brighton v H.Webb odyssey skills
K. Knight Eastbourne v J. Smith Foley skills
B. Wood East Brighton v P. Connors Foley – skills
D. Tanos East Brighton v N.Doe Horsham skills
L. Smith 1RRF lost to A. McHugh Ventnor pts split.
C.Knight Eastbourne beat A.Salum Limehouse points unan
M.Axten odyssey lost pts unan to J. Apps Ventnor
C.Brown Eastbourne won split pts v G.Andriunvicus Littlehampton.
L.Bingham Foley won split pts v M.Bygrave Horsham.
L.Eade Phoenix lost split pts to J. Groves Brighton City.
C.Monteiro won pts split v R.Thorpe Horsham

30th January 2016

Just short of 600 people were in attendance at Skateworld to see 17 top fight bouts of Olympic Style boxing. Junior captain Callum ‘C-Dawg’ Brown started us off against the more experienced Luke Kincart from Gym01. With some excellent exchanges and high skill levels both boxers were sensational in their efforts. Callum losing the decision but with great pluses to take away from his first bout. The club are proud and he will come back stronger for the experience.

Mubanga ‘Banga’ Chisanga lost a split to Brighton and Hove’s Nathan Okello. Banga started off well with fast hands and impactful shots but the visiting boxers was more dominant and frequent with his attacks. Speaking with Banga afterwards, he has had his eyes opened to how he must change his tactics for future. Big things for the Banga man!

Crowd Please, Callum ‘Knighty’ Knight extended his unbeaten run to 5 and 0 with an excellent performance versus Rusthall’s Tommy Ryan. The Tunbridge Wells boxer coming out throwing lightning quick shots but was countered and progressively pushed back by our young star. A unanimous decision taken for Cal, and the bout of the night awarded again for the quality and excitement of the bout.

First timer welterweight Nick Tompkins started well against Brighton City’s Glynn Davies using good hand speed behind his jab. As the bout progressed, Davies was able to find the target more, pushing Nick back to take a unanimous decision. A hard test for Nick, who will come back stronger for it.

Club captain and open class middleweight Lee ‘Leeeeeroy’ Jenkins was up against the strong Lloyd Smith from Berinsfield. This bout was fought at close quarters with strong shots landing. Lee dropped his man twice in the second with devastating body shots. The bout looked over but the Berinsfield man fought on to his credit, showing massive heart and courage.  The Eastbourne captain took the unanimous decision. Well done to both boxers for their displays.

The experienced Light welterweight Adrianne Phebey was pitched against London Community’s Zaneta Sierpinska. A highly technical bout with both boxers showing excellent movement and punch selection – A real bout for the purist. being a tight bout, we thought Adrianne had done enough, unfortunately dropping the split to the visitor. Credit to both boxers for both performances.

Mark Preston started well using excellent head movement and countering to be caught with a well placed backhand sending him down. Mark beat the count was deemed unfit to continue by the referee. A big learning curve regarding defence with the guard to be action planned but also some positives to take away with the trunk attacks.

Light-welterweight Seb Coleman made his debut in front of his home crowed boxing long and effectively behind his long jab. Controlling the range well, Seb was able to score with the jab repeatedly. As the bout progressed Ryan Burleigh from Sevenoaks got closer and pushed Seb back throwing well to the body but Seb was the overall victor, boxing with the composure beyond that of his experience.

EBC would like to thank all the supporters, boxers, coaches, officials for making this once again even bigger and better than previous shows. They just keep on getting better! Thanks To our club sponsor Matthew Budd from Matthew Budd Carpentry and Building Services with his support and usual dab hand with a torque wrench! Thanks to Colin Dowding and his team at Skateworld for their professionalism as great hosts. Cheers to my old mate Rob Hocking for the lend of the chairs from the ever supportive Causeway school. Thanks to all the members of EBC who helped to set up and put away, some of us were there until 3am! And finally to those EBC board members, Paul Senior, Emma Loch, Zoe Joyce, Donna and John Joyce. You guys do so much behind the scenes that get unnoticed by most. Couldn’t function without you.

Bantamweight Chloe Taylor lands the back hand in her close bout vs Forbers of Oakmead BC.

27th September 2015

Eastbourne Boxing Club hosted the Junior development Championships Semi-finals south on Sunday 27th September 2015, with 16 top flight bouts. Entering the ring to pounding music from set up podiums, the best up and coming boxers in the south did not let the crowd down.

The Skateworld venue saw clubs from all over showing what great talent the south of England has. Though there were may stand out performances, St Mary’s karol Itauma was particularly emphatic in his performance. The Middleweight used his southpaw jab to slide himself in to range before unleashing accurate backhands to the target, running out a points winner against the talented and game J.Buckland of Holland Park (Eastern Counties).