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Do you want to make a positive impact upon ‘Eastbournians’ of all ages!? Have coaching or teaching experience? Join our excellent team of coaches here at Eastbourne Boxing Club. We will pay towards your qualification to get you involved in the most rewarding of sports!

adam england

 Coach Adam Haniver at the England National Selection Squads. (Giraffe at the back!)

7 thoughts on “The Coaches

  1. Wayne chown says:

    Hi. I am wondering if you can help me. I want to be a boxer for a second option in my career if I don’t get anywhere with what I am studying know. But the only think is I can only do day time as I work in the evenings.

  2. Tjay tucknott says:

    Hi erm ive been looking for some where to box ive got speed and yeah do u have spaces so i can try you out ?

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