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C.R.E.A.D- Club Moto


  1. Carded boxers to train 2/3 times a week minimum.
  2. 1 recorded run per week, 2 unrecorded.
  3. Choose 1 goal a week, record it and relentlessly pursue it.


  1. We tell the coaches if we can’t attend.
  2. We leave the gym and changing room clean. This is our gym.
  3. We spa to improve, not our egos.


  1. We enjoy more when we achieve set goals.
  2. We vary our training methods.
  3. We reflect on positives first and far more than negatives.


  1. We study our opponents/sparring partners.
  2. We self analyse and peer feedback.
  3. We try new things – out of our comfort zone.


  1. We arrive on time, with all our kit warming up AT the start time.
  2. We stay within 5% of our competition weight.
  3. We work with 100% focus when working independently.


This is what we expect of all of our boxers when they enter the doors of our gym.