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Eastbourne Boxing Club

About EBC

Established in July 2014, Eastbourne Boxing Club, is a non-profit organisation affiliated to the National Governing Body – England Boxing. We offer both fitness and competition opportunities to the residents of Eastbourne. We have a team of experienced coaches who tutor people from 5 years of age upwards. The Senior Head Coach, Adam Haniver, is a full time coach working with 16-18 year old, aspiring elite boxers from all over the south of England at the Advanced Apprenticeships in Sporting Excellence (AASE) boxing academy. He is also a coach with the England National Pathways Squads. The Juniors Head Coach, Paul Senior…

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New EBC website launched

Finally, we have launched our new website and hope members like it. Thanks goes to Peter O’Donoghue from Prestige Stairlifts Ltd who financed this…

Strategy is the blueprint for winning

Boxing strategy and fight tactics to help you win inside the ring. As you become more conditioned and skilful in the art of boxing,…

How many trophy belts are there?

Brett Pocock with his first trophy belt win. But how many belts are there in Boxing? Well the answer to this question is not…

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