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EBC Women

Women Only Boxing Sessions

Age 16+ only
Tuesday 18.30-19.30
Per session £5.
With Adrianne Phebey, England Boxing Qualified Coach
Contact Adrianne – 07731430509.

Discover boxing in our women-only session run by Adrianne Phebey and her Co-Coaches Emma Loch and Donna Heidi Kris Hinton. Get fit, get strong, get confident and have fun at the same time…!

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“The main reason so many women shy away from boxing is actually the main reason they should do it. Punching a punch bag, some pads or even a person in this context is hugely liberating and many women report it relieves the many frustrations that societal norms prevent them from expressing.”

Still not sure, then read this article How Boxing Benefits Girls: 6 Reasons To Become A ‘Lady That Punches’ .

Adrianne is also a full time Physiotherapist working for the NHS.

Contact Adrianne on 07731430509.