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Youth Classes 10-15 Yrs

Youths – 10-15 Yr Olds:

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Parking – Please note unfortunately there is no parking, pick ups/drops off on site. Parking can be found on the adjacent roads. Please be aware that one side of Commercial Road has prohibited parking.

Mon & Thurs 18:15-19:30
Per session Members: £3.50

Per session Non Member: £4.50

Per month: £30
Annual membership £10

Paul Senior, England Boxing Coach and Coach Educator with his team of enthusiastic coaches deliver a variety of experiences that meet the needs of individuals at the club.

All new starters work 1:1 with an England Boxing coach or in small group to discover ‘the basics’ before joining in the full sessions.

What do I need?

Newbies need sports gear/PE clothing and perhaps a water bottle.

Boxer experience the FUNdamentals of boxing in all sessions – learning stance and guard, elementary foot/trunk/feet defences, a variety of punches and various ways of moving.

We have FUN!

Boxers get fit and the coaches instill the positive knowledge that keeping healthy is important. All our boxer participate in fitness training, strength and conditioning and we develop an individuals mental strength/self – esteem through positive learning experiences. We talk about healthy eating and promote good habits regarding nutrition and hydration.

Many of our Recreational Boxers move on and become Carded (Competitive Boxer)….when they think they are ready…when coaches think they are ready and when parents/carers support this. In this case we will develop technical and tactical skills to support the boxers competitive pathway.

There is absolutely no pressure to compete or spar but we will fully support anyone that would like to!!

In fact we have some great success stories year after year.

Many boxers are now moving up from u10s to the 10-15 year old sessions successfully. And in turn, Youths moving very successfully up to the Seniors sessions!

We have FUN!!

Come and give us a try.

It’s a great way to get fit and have FUN!

If you have any queries or questions then contact Paul in the first instance on youthseastbourneboxingclub@gmail.com or Adam (but please try Paul first) on 07825684196.